carol stalcup, artist

Painting makes me feel so alive in the present moment.

I love the materiality of the process, the feel of knife on canvas or wood, seeing what paint does as I move it in different ways, thin or thicken it.  I enjoy the explorations, observing how colors combine and change each other and the dramatic impact of juxtapositions.  I love changing the palette, the supports, the tools.

It makes me think about how individualized all perception is, and also about how small shifts can change a whole image, or "view". I relate that to my work, to life, to relationships--- this recognition that things constantly shift with new understanding or insight. I consider the many possible outcomes, the many possible influences, the fact that we can change our view of ourselves and others. I think about how moods are impacted, which thoughts or events lighten us, what kinds of things darken us, what control we do or do not have.

Painting intuitively shakes up the way I see things, fuels my curiosity, gives me a sense of wonder,  pulls me to be more open to life and experiences. I  especially appreciate the accidental effects that occur during the process, the serendipity of creative work.

I paint to free myself, sometimes with intention, sometimes just to play, always to learn. After any painting session, I never perceive things exactly the same way again.

The finished product tells me its title, and I hope it reflects an inner landscape that is universal, in that we humans are complex, messy, loving, colorful, curious creatures, always in process, never finished, always in motion in some way.

----Carol A. Stalcup